Owner/Host Obligations

Rental accommodations listed on My Furnished Apartment are required to meet certain quality standards with respect to safety, access, and cleanliness. Furthermore, rental accommodations are expected to be consistent with the description provided by the Owner. My Furnished Apartment Property Owners hosting Guests are expected to ensure the following:

•Accuracy: The description and pictures of your Accommodations are accurate and up-to-date. Any noise, pets, or other issues are clearly communicated to Guests in the listing description.
• Availability: You (or a third-party representative) are on-hand to resolve any issues that may arise with the Guest during the initial 24-hour period following check-in.
• Cleanliness: The accommodation is cleaned before the Guest arrives and fresh linen and towels have been provided. Should the Guest require additional cleaning or a change of linen and/or towels an extra fee will be charged.
• Functionality: Utilities listed as available and working (such as electricity, heating, and plumbing) function properly and are accessible to the Guest. Amenities listed as available and working (such as air conditioning, internet, TV, washer/dryer, etc.) function properly and are accessible to the Guest.
• Legal: Owners must have all of the necessary permissions to offer their accommodations for rental. This includes ensuring that hosting agreements do not breach any existing agreements previously entered into with any third parties (such as any agreements or rules with a landlord or HOA) and that hosting agreements are (a) in compliance with all applicable laws, Tax requirements, and rules and regulations that may apply to their Accommodations, including, but not limited to, zoning laws and laws governing rentals of residential and other properties and (b) will not conflict with the rights of third parties.
• Safety: There are no health or safety issues (such as exposed wiring or pests). Windows and doors close properly and locks are working. There is sufficient lighting for Guests to enjoy the premises.

In the event that any of the above listed conditions are not satisfied, your Guest may be entitled to claim a refund in accordance with the ‘Travel Issue’ policy section and you may be subject to any, or all, of the below consequences:

• Negative Feedback/Reviews
• Automated reviews indicating ‘Travel Issues’
• Cancellation of future bookings
• Administrative fines or fees
• Suspension of your listing(s) from myfurnishedapartment.ca
• Permanent removal of your listing(s) and your account from the site

My Furnished Apartment reserves the right to take corrective action against an Accommodation listed on the website and/or the Owner at its sole discretion for the protection of My Furnished Apartment’s users.

Guest Obligations

Guests are required to pay a refundable $250 to $500 security deposit for all apartments and are expected to leave the rental premises in good, clean condition upon checking-out. The Owner can deduct or withhold the security deposit if:

(a) damages, loss or theft occurs on the property caused by the tenant or the tenant’s guests;
(b) the tenant leaves the premises dirty; and/or
(c) the Guest has unpaid rent. Guests are not allowed to smoke in any of the apartments and a fee of 500$ will be charged in the event that a Guest smokes on the premises.

Upon booking, Guests are required to pay a non-refundable cleaning fee. Cleaning fees are charged on a per-bedroom basis. A cleaning fee of $60 is charged for studio and one-bedroom rentals; a $100 cleaning fee is charged two- and three-bedroom apartments. Should a guest decide to end their visit before the scheduled date, My Furnished Apartment is not obligated to reimburse the cleaning fee.

Guest Refund Policies

Rental accommodations listed on My Furnished Apartment are guaranteed to meet certain quality standards with respect to: safety, access, and cleanliness. Furthermore, rental accommodations are expected to be consistent with the description provided by the Owner. In the event that a Guest books and pays for an accommodation which does not satisfy My Furnished Apartment’s standards, the Guest may be entitled to a refund in accordance with the Guest Refund Policy. My Furnished Apartment will make reasonable efforts to:

(a) find and book the Guest another comparable Accommodation or
(b) provide the Guest with a refund. The amount of any refund remains at the discretion of My Furnished Apartment, and is based on the nature of the ‘Travel Issue’ suffered and the amount of unused nights left in the reservation.

Travel Issues

‘Travel Issues’ recognized by My Furnished Apartment are divided into three categories:
(1) The Owner cancels a reservation with less than 24 hours’ notice before the scheduled start of the reservation, or fails to provide the Guest with reasonable access the Accommodation;
(2) The Accommodation description provided in the Site listing is materially different from the actual Accommodation (such as the Accommodation’s size, location, amenities);
(3) The Accommodation fails to meet the minimum requirements for safety and/or cleanliness.

To submit a refund claim, a Guest must contact My Furnished Apartment regarding the Travel Issue within 24 hours after the start of the reservation. The Guest must provide any photographs (and any other evidence) with the claim as well as respond to any requests for further information. The Guest is expected to not have directly or indirectly caused the Travel Issue, and to have made reasonable efforts to resolve the Travel Issue with the Owner prior to making a refund claim.


Guests are expected to adhere to the following cancellation deadlines:
• Minimum 7 Days’ Notice: cancellations with more than one week’s notice will be given a full refund less the deposit of $500.
• Less than 7 Days’ Notice: cancellations with less than one week notice will lose half of the rental price charged for the duration of the booked stay.
Unforeseen Circumstances
In the event that unforeseen, extenuating circumstances arise which hinder your travel plans, My Furnished Apartment may overrule an Owner’s cancellation policy in order to make a refund decision. All such decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and are conditional on the provision of official documentation. Valid extenuating circumstances include:
• Death in the Guest’s family;
• Serious illness of the Guest or of a Guest’s family member;
• Political unrest in the destination country;
• Natural disaster in the destination country;
• Jury duty and/or other similar civil obligations.
To learn more about how these situations impact you as an Owner or Guest, please contact us.


Reviews help My Furnished Apartments to improve our users’ experiences while also providing an opportunity for users to share their unique stories with others. My Furnished Apartments believes in transparency and honest communication. Our default position is not to delete, censor or edit reviews. Therefore we request that reviews are accurate and written with the intent of bettering the recipient and the community of users.
In exceptional cases, My Furnished Apartment will review and/or remove written Reviews that:
(a) violates the Review Guidelines listed below;
(b) the user leaving a Review is suspended for behaviour in violation of our Policies or whose account is terminated for other safety reasons; and/or
(c) we are provided with a valid court order requesting removal of the Review.
Reviews should not be used to harass or extort a user. My Furnished Apartments has a zero-tolerance for those who misuse the Reviews function. By posting a review, you agree to follow the My Furnished Apartment guidelines and policies. Whether you are a Guest or an Owner, be sure to follow these guidelines to avoid corrective action (including restrictions, suspensions and/or termination) of your account.

Review Guidelines

My Furnished Apartments will remove any portions of reviews that contain any instances of the following content:
• Spam, advertising or other commercial content;
• Content that endorses illegal activity;
• Content that personally identifies another user, including his or her real name;
• Political, religious, or social commentary rather than a genuine comment about the reservation
• References to a different reservation;
• Attempts to impersonate another person or reviews left by a person not active in the reservation (3rd party bookings);
• Profane, vulgar, obscene, slanderous, libellous, threatening or discriminatory language and/or adult material;
• Content that refers to a My Furnished Apartment investigation;